How it works


If your company has any solution that can help fighting the air pollution – Smogathon is the contest created especially for you!
Application will be opened from 01/06/2017 till 01/09/2017.
Who can apply? We welcome any project that works as a registered company, startup, foundation, research group with the legal entity. The main requirement is your solution needs to fight smog. It can be an air purifier, device that measures the levels of pollutants, anything that can help!
Applications will be evaluated constantly. Early applicants will not only know in advance to book their flights to one of the semi-final locations, but will have a greater chance of getting their spot.


Up to 60 startups will get to pitch their ideas during the semi-finals. Depending on the applications level 10 -12 startups will be invited to each of 5 semi-final cities to participate in the pitch contest. The jury will consist of at least 5 professionals. One startup from each city would get a place in the Finals in Krakow, Poland.

Not everyone can afford to travel. We saved 7 spots for exceptional start-ups that will be interviewed on Skype. Why should you come to the semifinals then? Start-ups that will decide only for the online application only might get a spot. If level of participants interviewed online is not satisfying, we will grant places in the finals to the start-ups that gained the highest scores in the pitch contest.


The lucky 12 will have to go through the two days long Questions & Answers session in Krakow, Poland on 25-26th November 2017. Everything you say is going to be questioned by the experts and every solution you offer would need a prove. Top 6 teams will pass to the next stage - The Grand Finale. Result from the Q&A session will make 80% of your final result.
Here comes the good news: all 12 finalists would be granted space to exhibit their products or solutions in front of government officials, entrepreneurs and investors during the Global Clean Air Summit on 27th of November. You would be among the biggest players in the smog-fighting playground, so be prepare to sell your innovations well.
Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for maximum 2 leaders of the finalists team.


The world’s top 6 smog fighters would get a chance to pitch their ideas in front of 800 people audience in ICE Krakow Congress Centre. During 5 minutes of your pitch you need to convince the strict jury that your solution is the one that can turn the air crystal clear again and deserves to win 100 000 $ prize! Are their any strings attached? You get 25 000 $ in cash, the 75 000 $ is a worth of contract for implementing your idea in Krakow. The winner takes it all and the up runners will be left with nothing.